How can Doctors' Health in Queensland help?

DHQ provides an independent, confidential,
colleague-to-colleague support service to assist
doctors and medical students.

Coronavirus COVID-19 information for Doctors and Medical Students

Doctor calling doctors health service

Call 07 3833 4352

24/7 Helpline for doctors and medical students.

Doctor calling doctors health service

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Get a list of resources for doctors and medical students.

Doctor calling doctors health service

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Find a doctor or health practitioner

What is the Queensland Doctors’ Health Programme?

QDHP is an organisation established by the Doctors’ Health in Queensland to assist colleagues who may be in difficulty. Our aim is to support doctors and medical students in Queensland to achieve optimal health and well-being throughout their careers.

Improving doctors’ health has benefits for the doctors themselves, their patients and the health care teams they work with. We understand the stressors of professional practice and the complexities of navigating training. Our service provides a helpline for advice and support plus education to improve understanding of doctors health and how to care for doctors as patients. We strongly advocate for physicians’ health and regularly collaborate with other organisations to support their work in the field of doctors’ health.

Help is only a call away

Call 07 3833 4352

For doctors and medical students only – Independent and Confidential advice



Doctors' Helpline

DRS4DRS has been developed by the medical profession for the medical profession. Through our network of doctors’ health advisory and referral services, we offer an independent, safe, supportive and confidential service. DRS4DRS promotes the health and wellbeing of doctors and medical students across Australia. We’re here to help you find the support you need – online resources, education modules, referral services and importantly for wellbeing, we’ll help you find a GP. DrHS distributes the funding for doctors’ health services and if you would prefer to speak with a EAP service for counselling you can access the Converge International/DrHS line via the link below.


Latest News

DHQ Celebrates 31 Years

DHQ Celebrates 31 Years

Doctors’ Health in Queensland’s service arm board chair Ross Phillipson led the charge in acknowledging the honourable work the organisation has done for the medical community since it first began operations more than 31 years ago. Along with formally announcing the...

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DHQ in the News!

Listen to our DHQ radio segment that aired on Friday PM on ABC NQ Radio Drive - our piece is at 2:06:35 The online story is...

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Research on Doctors’ Mental Health

Written by Dr Ross Phillipson Research has shown that the majority of doctors generally enjoy good physical health. However, there has been concern expressed over many years that the mental health of doctors is not as high as it should be. Sadly, the suicide rate...

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The potential for abusive patients to have serious consequences for the mental health and wellbeing of physicians is very real.

If you feel you need to talk with a trusted colleague who understands, please call (07) 3833 4352.

Join our webinar Fri 1pm wi Dr Jennifer Schafer, Medical Director @DocHealthQLD who'll talk about barriers Drs face in taking care of their own health & how DHQ can help. Our moderator is Dr Rob Nayer Co-Chair Council of Doctors in Training. Register now!

Despite the events of the last 2 years, Virtuosis still exists within the medical fraternity, often in unusual places. Come along to see orthopods performing delicately and physicians displaying emotion. We also welcome back the Queensland Medical Choir.

Thank you @MedicGuild Finding out you have to sit a supp exam can feel like a punch in the gut – but as one final year med student tells us, there is more to be learned than to be feared!

The Queensland Government has produced a lacklustre health budget that was preoccupied with bricks and mortar instead of patient care.
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AMA welcomes new guidelines to protect frontline workers against COVID 10 Jun 2021.

Grace Spence Green is a final year medical student who is passionate about disability rights and co-hosts a podcast called “This is Spinal Crap” about living well with a spinal cord injury.

Our New Horizon Forum brought together champions of Doctors’ Health. We need to harness the energy from Friday’s forum and take this back to our workplaces.

Individually, we can practice our own self-care and wellness and by our behaviour, demonstrate to our colleagues.


GPs put best foot forward on CrazySocks4Docs day.

Do you have a GP? Need advice as to where to find one in Qld? Call (07) 38334352. The person who answers is a doctor.

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