About QDHP:

The QDHP is an organisation developed, managed and operated by doctors, on a voluntary basis, providing assistance for colleagues who may be in difficulty.

Health practitioners often have difficulty being patients, as they tend to not acknowledge their problems, or seek help appropriately. They experience the same wide range of health related issues as others in the community, as well as conditions specifically related to the stresses of professional practice.

  • Prevention of difficulties
  • Early identification of health issues
  • Provision of advice
  • Timely intervention where appropriate
  • Assistance with arranging consultations with practitioners experienced in helping colleagues

We operate a 24/7 helpline to provide advice to medical practitioners and students facing difficulties. The advice is often in relation to stress and mental health difficulties, alcohol and substance problems, personal or financial crises.

We also provide health promotion and education about doctors’ health through our website with links to relevant resources.

Seminars and events are held throughout the year in conjunction with our partners; Australian Doctors’ Health Network (ADHN) and Australian Medical Association Queensland (AMAQ).

The QDHP is active in providing educational, support and advocacy activities. It supports research to improve the safety, security and well-being of health practitioners.

We don’t provide a service for members of the general public. We encourage community members in difficulty to seek help via the methods below.

Who Do We Help?

The QDHP provides support for doctors and medical students.

Medical practitioners, this specifically includes general practitioners, medical specialists, junior medical officers, rural practitioners, international medical graduates, doctors in training and medical students.

Family members of these practitioners may contact us with concerns.

Our service does not provide assistance to members of the public.

About the 24/7 Helpline:

DHAS(Q) offers a point of first contact, advice and support to medical professionals and students, who are concerned about their own, or others’ health and well being.

This telephone helpline is staffed by senior General Practitioners, supported by specialists experienced in assisting colleagues suffering from a wide range of health or stress-related problems.

QDHP providers takes considerable care to ensure that the appropriate assessment of the relevant circumstances is undertaken before assistance is provided.

The QDHP’s doctors-on-call assist their colleagues by providing a first point of contact to assess the issues and to provide advice.

The QDHP is not a service that provides treatment. Its role is to assist those calling to make appropriate arrangements for treatment within existing services, if required.

QDHP’s assistance is able to be provided at no cost to the practitioner because our helpline is staffed by volunteers. If subsequent treatment is provided by other practitioners, then costs are decided in the usual manner, between the person seeking treatment and the provider.

Those using the service have been able to effectively address the issues presenting, with immediate benefit from individual advice, and by arrangements for good quality medical help. This is made easier and more successful by the understanding that comes from speaking to a colleague who also knows of the many demands and stresses of balancing work and lifestyle as a health practitioner.


The QDHP is an organisation which is independent of the Medical Board and AHPRA. The QDHP enjoys the support and goodwill of the Board, with no additional requirement to report identifiable information to them. The QDHP receives funding from the Medical Board via Doctors’ Health Services Pty Ltd, a subsidiary company of the AMA (Federal) to ensure independence and trust in our services.

Providing confidentiality is of such great importance that it is guaranteed, unless there is an imminent risk of substantial harm to the public or to the practitioner.

In these rare situations, the legislated requirement to report to the relevant board is accepted.

The QDHP is required to report on non-identifiable data of its services to the Doctors’ Health Services Pty Ltd. Please be assured that we have gone above and beyond to ensure these arrangements protect your confidentiality and privacy in accordance with our Confidentiality and Privacy Policy. Please do not hesitate to contact our Medical Director for further information on this.

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