Several decades ago, a group of doctors decided to develop an organised approach to assisting their colleagues in difficulty, this lead to the formation of the DHAS(Q).

It became apparent to them that doctors often failed to access timely healthcare and treatment despite and sometimes because of working in the medical profession. Doctors frequently continued to work while unwell to their own personal disadvantage. They experienced shame, and significant difficulty taking the step to consult their colleagues.

It was recognised that providing assistance to distressed doctors would reduce the risk to their patients.

Their initiative led to the founding of the Doctors' Health Advisory Service of Queensland in 1989.

Since then, the DHAS(Q) has regularly relieved the distress of doctors suffering sickness, helplessness, disability and misfortune, while recognising the direct benefit to the community in providing this service.

The DHAS(Q) has worked as a charitable organisation working with the Medical Benevolent Association of Queensland.

In 2016, the DHAS(Q) was selected by the Doctors' Health Services Pty Ltd to receive funding to provide expanded doctors' health services in Queensland, in the form of the Queensland Doctors' Health Programme (QDHP). Dr Margaret Kay has been appointed the inaugural Medical Director of the QDHP to establish this service.

The DHAS(Q) is a not-for-profit service staffed by volunteer practitioners who provide their time, expertise and service at no cost. The service is supported by donations and contributions from participating organisations. We are particularly appreciative of the support that Australian Medical Association (Queensland) through its Business Support Services team.

DHAS(Q) remains a separate entity to QDHP and your support of the work of the DHAS(Q) is still greatly appreciated. Support of the work of the DHAS(Q) is greatly appreciated.

Please contact DHAS(Q) via AMA Business Support Services Coordinator using the information below.

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