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Australasian Doctors Health Conference 14-17 Sept 2017

The Australasian Doctors' Health Conference 2015 (ADHC 2015) was hosted by the Victorian Doctors Health Program (VDHP). It focused on proactive and reactive approaches to optimising physician health.  Wirth regard to doctors' health and the general wellbeing of the profession, Dr. Kym Jenkins, Medical Director (VDHP) and Conference Convenor summarises her top three take-home messages from the conference as follows:

1. the importance of diversity within the medical profession. That for the medical profession to be healthy, we need not only doctors with different personality styles, but doctors from diverse cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, whatever their sexuality and gender;

2. the importance of being something or doing something other than being a doctor: what we do when we’re not practising medicine not only refreshes and rejuvenates us, but enriches us as human beings and, as a consequence, enriches us as doctors; and

3. the importance of a sense of connection. Isolation is not good for doctor health. Connections to our workplace, to our craft group, to our colleagues, to a learned College or a professional group, or to an individual such as a mentor, are all protective factors for keeping us healthy.

Read Dr. Jenkins' full closing reflection.



This conference recognises the enormous benefits for doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, pharmacists and other allied health professionals who engage collaboratively in the creation of a healthier workforce.

Building on our previous experience hosting doctors' health conferences, we will provide a positive forum with our theme of Caring for you; Caring for others.

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