The QDHP is an organisation which is independent of the Medical Board and AHPRA. The QDHP enjoys the support and goodwill of the Board, with no additional requirement to report identifiable information to them. The QDHP receives funding from the Medical Board via Doctors’ Health Services Pty Ltd, a subsidiary company of the AMA (Federal) to ensure independence and trust in our services.

To What Level?

Providing confidentiality is of such great importance that it is guaranteed, unless there is an imminent risk of substantial harm to the public or to the practitioner.

In these rare situations, the legislated requirement to report to the relevant board is accepted.

The QDHP is required to report on non-identifiable data of its services to the Doctors’ Health Services Pty Ltd. Please be assured that we have gone above and beyond to ensure these arrangements protect your confidentiality and privacy in accordance with our Confidentiality and Privacy Policy. Please do not hesitate to contact our Medical Director for further information on this.