Connectedness and Creativity

This page is to remind us all that we can be creative and connect outside the role of doctor or medical student. Working within healthcare can be taxing and all-consuming so it is important to take time out, breathe and relax while being involved with something you enjoy.  

Please find below a list of creative groups and interesting links that we think you may enjoy: 

Watch the opening night video here

  • The Queensland Medical Orchestra and Choir – Since 2004, the Queensland Medical Orchestra and Choir have provided an opportunity for medical professionals, students and friends a chance to share their musical talents with the greater community. 
  • Creative Doctors” is a blog for medical students and doctors highlighting the creative things doctors do when they’re not practising medicine. 
  • Toowoomba Women Doctor Society Retirees– In the 1980s, women doctors, who were excluded from a male doctors’ educational group, decided to form their own meeting. The Toowoomba Women Doctors Society met monthly for several years for education purposes and to support each other in balancing medical and home commitments. Fast track to 2019, several members of that same group, now retired, but excluded from attending the existing Toowoomba Male Doctors Retirees Group, once again decided to form their own open to women retirees and those transitioning to retirement. Please email for further information. 
  • Art is Good Medicine – a downloadable collection of photographic images of mixed media artwork created by twenty medical students at Bond University (Qld, Australia) 
  • A link to a short video of ‘Art of Medicine‘ at the SALA Festival in Adelaide. Many extremely talented doctors presented their art work, which was opened to the public.  

Watch their video here

Are you a creative medical student or doctor? We would love to share your creative group or interest on our page. Email us here