QDHP Education Sessions

QDHP is involved in many educational spaces. Please see below for past and current educational sessions. During COVID-19 pandemic we will be holding these sessions as webinars. Please email admin@qdhp.org.au to register your interest for upcoming sessions. 


Being a Doctors Doctor – RACGP CPD Activity                         CURRENT WEBINAR BY DEMAND 

Ultimately more and more doctors are understanding the importance of having their own GP. In order to provide quality care to doctors seeking care from their GP, it is vital that the care providers, general practitioners, are educated about how the doctor-patient relationship can be altered when the patient is a doctor. Please email admin@qdhp.org.au to register your interest. 

Doctors Caring for Colleagues – RACGP Accredited Activity           NO CURRENT SESSIONS CONFIRMED 

This Active Learning Module is designed to enhance the delivery of health care to doctors who are patients. Doctors are regularly advised that they should seek independent medical care. Most of this care is appropriately delivered within the general practice setting. Despite this, general practitioners rarely have the opportunity to learn how they can ensure that they deliver quality care to their doctor-patients.  It is clear from the literature that doctors do not always receive the best quality care and there is little to support any assumption that treating-doctors should just know how to navigate the potential complexities of the doctor-doctor consultations. 

A Healthy Medical Profession – Caring for Ourselves and Our Colleagues by DRS4DRS          ONLINE LEARNING MODULE

This free 2 hour education module was developed using the Australasian Doctors’ Health Network’s Doctors’ Health Curriculum.You can register (anonymously if you wish) to complete these four modules of about 30 mins each.
The topics focus on Self-Care for doctors; Seeking health care as a doctor; Being a Doctor-Patient and Being a Doctors’ Doctor.On completing the full 2 hours, you can received a certificate of completion to use for many college CPD points.If you wish to have the certificate in your correct name, you will need to register with your correct name.The modules are designed for busy doctors and you can stop and re-start the modules as you wish. Find the module here


RuralDocsQ Forum: Practical Peer Support for Rural Doctors     PAST WEBINAR WITH VIEWING LINK TO FOLLOW 

Interactive forum exploring peer support options for rural & remote doctors in Queensland. RDAQ Foundation & Rural Doctors Association of Queensland are collaborating to deliver this online forum. All rural and remote doctors in Queensland are welcome to attend. Watch the recording here

RDAQ: Health & wellbeing for rural & remote doctors & healthcare professionals  

with Dr Margaret Kay & Dr Anne Ulcoq                             PAST WEBINAR WITH VIEWING LINK 

We understand that our colleagues and communities have unique and emerging needs in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Responsive Webinar Series On-Demand are targeting those needs. They will include presentations, discussion panels and clinical updates. Watch the recording here 

Doctors Health for GP’s – Speed Psychiatry                                        PAST SESSION

Much of the research into doctors’ health has focused on mental health issues including burnout and the impact of the workplace on the health practitioners’ health.  However wellbeing is a complex issue and there are multiple issues involved in maintaining wellbeing for doctors. Enabling doctors to maximise their health is now recognised. However wellbeing is a complex issue and there are multiple issues involved in maintaining wellbeing for doctors. Enabling doctors to maximise their health is now recognised as a key quality indicator for the health system.